Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Snail Cupcake Prep Boards

I want to share with you these fabulous Snail Cupcake Prep Boards. The wonderfully warped wooden boards include a black cake stand with 3 chocolate cupcakes topped off with green frosting and fresh garden snails. There's another cupcake waiting to be decorated with a snail, a cookbook (my design front cover) called 'Baking with Snails' and has one little loose snail making his way across it. A magical and truly unique one inch scale miniature.

Part of my Witch's Kitchen Range.

one inch scale magical witch and wizard harry potter miniatures, myrtle the witch, handmade spooky Halloween miniature faux food


  1. These are really ...COOL!!! I just wondered
    (my witch doesn´t like "sweets"), are you going to sell your snails also separetely?
    Kind regards, Sandra

  2. I loved the cupcakes with snails!

  3. The cookbook is wonderful!! :D Love it! :D
    The whole prep board is gorgeous, but the book just tickles my funny bone... :D

  4. This is fabulous, my witch would adore this in her house! Kate xxx

  5. Are these and the green bottles going on sale Caroline? Kate xxx

  6. Muy originales estas magdalenas, me han gustado mucho.
    Un abrazo

  7. Thanks everyone for your kind words. :)

    Kate - yes, they certainly are... I've only got 3 snail cupcake boards so give me a shout if you want one and I can hold one for you. I think I have 5 or maybe 7 green monster bottles left. :)
    Caroline x

  8. Wow!!!! me encanta esa presentaciĆ³n,los cup cakes se ven deliciosos y el caracol es una preciosidad!!!!!!!!!!