Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Workspace... Making More Magic!

Enchanted pumpkins and gourds, and Phoenix Ashes... tip of the iceberg! Made so much new stock. Hope I'll have time to share and list before I make it to the Tom Bishop fair!

Take a look at the new stock being made over at Hummingbird as well. :)

harry potter phoenix ashes


  1. Adorable pumpkins! Hope you have some left after the show to sell, these are precious! PLEASE take some pics at the show if you get a chance, of your stand , its always so great to get to see the buzz of the fair! Hows about coming over for the Christmas Kensington Show Caroline, your work would go down so well there! Kate xx

  2. Thanks both of you!

    Kate, I am planning to be there (just depends on whether or not I have a film project on here in California). But fingers crossed will be at the UK fairs later on this year!
    I'll take lots of pics of the fair and will share here - just for you! Caroline xx