Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Harry Potter Mania... and a Sorting Hat!

Can you believe the final installment of
is creeping up... the 15th July is less than a month away!

I was asked to participate in an event for die hard Potter fans at the Cinemark at University Mall in Orem, Utah for the midnight premier of Harry Potter 7 'Deathly Hallows Part 2'. They have a magic and wizardy night of events planned including goodie bag giveaways and I made a Sorting Hat in 1:12 (one inch) scale for the occasion! It will go to one of those serious Harry Potter fans, and I'm sure it couldn't go to a more enthusiastic person!

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  1. My children love Harry Potter! My 14 year-old asked if we could go to Utah to have a chance to win your spectacular Sorting Hat! She loved it! (I do too ;) Harry Potter has a long, long history here... each of my children loved the books, and yes, they are counting down the days till the final movie installment.

    Fabulous work! I just adore your minis.


  2. Hi Jackie,
    Thanks so much! Glad your children like my mini hat. I'm making all sorts of Harry Potter inspired miniatures soon... and don't forget I've worked on 2 of the movies - one of which I built miniature scale sets for. I'm having an online competition soon which I'd love your children to enter. Stay tuned... :) Caroline x

  3. How cute is he! Im kind of in two minds about the movie, part of me cant wait to see it but another is sad that its all coming to an end! Still , we will have fabulous minis being made to keep us HP mad fans going thanks to you! Kate xxx

  4. I adore your blog. I read all the Harry Potter books with my children. I love your miniatures on the world of heroic wizard.
    A big hug.

  5. This Shorting Hat looks so Perfect,adorable and wonderful, just love it!

  6. Hi Caroline,

    Thanks for the heads up about the online competition. I will stay tuned. :)I found your post about how you crafted the mini Hogsmeade Village when I first started reading your blog and I just knew my kids would be absolutely gobsmacked when I showed it them. And I was right, they were. :)

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful world of minis with all of us. Harry Potter rules!


  7. It's always a pleasure to visit here to see all the amazinf things You make (^^)

    I just LOVE all Your magical creations Potter or none Potter!!

    The Shorting Hat is fab!

    MiniHugs, Irina