Sunday, March 13, 2011

Leprechaun Shoe Earrings for St Paddy's Day!

Leprechauns are, of course, Irish fairies or pixies. The earliest reference comes from a Mediaeval tale about a mischievous, solitary little creature who was described by Yeats as a "degenerate fairy" who is "not wholly good nor wholly evil." Their main vocation is making and repairing shoes... so it seemed like a good idea to make tiny miniature Leprechaun shoes in time for St Patrick's Day (17th March) and these ones are actually earrings on surgical steel findings.

They're available at my online store as part of my new Fairytale Jewelry Range. :)

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  1. Oh they are so cute, its my Mums birthday on St Patricks day, what a shame she dosnt have her ears pierced anymore these are adorable and so different! Kate xx