Saturday, August 10, 2013

Look - Cookbooks!

Now on shelves in Gilda Grimbly's London bookshop - cookbooks which have topped the 'Witches Weekly' best-sellers list!

You can find classics like 'Baking with Snails' and 'The Poison Cookbook' and also new release cookbooks by up-and-coming celebrity chefs such as 'The Big Book of Bug Recipes' and 'The Dragon Egg Cookbook'.

Impress the coven by cooking up such dinner party classics as Python Wellington and delicate cream pastries with garden snails.


I've just released these perfectly detailed miniature cookbooks (all my own unique designs) and you can find them at my online Pixie Dust Miniatures Etsy shop. They are one inch scale and I used high quality paper and ink-jet printing, so you can read the tiny print on the back, front and spines of the books. Enjoy!

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  1. O'my, they look Gorgeous!

  2. Oh gosh, can't stop giggling - they're so cute and perfect! How on earth do you come up with these ideas?

  3. Me gusta mucho, y te han salido perfectos.
    Un abrazo.