Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Workspace - some Cinderella magic

It's time for a glimpse into my workspace since I've been busily making so many new things but haven't really shared many new items here or on my shop, or anywhere! My apartment is a chaos of new miniature magic which I've been making over the past 3 weeks. Halloween items are almost ready and will be launched soon... but it feels too early for spooky season, so it's fairytale magic first.

Here I'm making Cinderella's carriage just as it's beginning to transform from being a pumpkin.  The leafy vines are already curling into the shapes of wheels. Have a look at some of my in-the-making photos (nope, that's not a pink bulb of garlic, it's an early stage of this pumpkin carriage!)

Where would Cinderella be without white horses? Or more accurately- tiny white mice which as you know become horses. So we have some of these too - far more than she needs.... all will be made available at my online shop within the next few days.

Take a look at my inspiration. I saw the Royal New Zealand Ballet's last performance of 'Cinderella' here in Wellington on Sunday 5th of this month. As the elaborate leafy carriage was brought onto the stage and I saw Cinderella's gorgeous pink dress glittering under the stage lights, I had the idea to make these.
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