Monday, May 14, 2012

Moving house... BLOW OUT SALE!!!

It's confirmed... leaving for New Zealand for 5 months whilst I await my new visa which will finally allow me back into the States.

Now I hate packing as much as the next person, and I especially hate packing up miniatures as each one has to be packed so carefully, it takes ages, and I always have to have them on my lap on the plane as carry-on. Not looking forward to a massive fragile carry-on bag on my lap for my 28 hour flight with 2 stop overs.... no way.

So... what does this all mean? It means I am trying to clear my stock so I have less to carry! I have lowered prices massively on lots of items (find greatest reductions in my 'Sale Section' of my online shop).

Don't miss the mega sale over on my other shop also.

Not keeping this sale going as long as I have done with my food shop, so get it while it's cheap - the sale starts now... Ready.... Steady.... GO!

Caroline x

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